Joining Packages

You are welcome to Register at VELX DIRECT either as a E-SHOP Associate or independent distributor. As an E-SHOP Associate you can potentially earn the highest commissions but there are also some pretty nice incentives when you refer people near and dear to the VELX DIRECT e- shop Worlwide Opportunity.

S.No Product Images Price No.of Ids
1 MORINGA Rs.1350/-(120 Capsules) 1 ID
2 SPIRULINA Rs.1350/-(120 Capsules) 1 ID
3 Wrist Watch (gents or women’s) Rs.1650/- 1 ID
4 Bio Magnetic Bracelet Rs.1750/- 1 ID
5 Suit Length (3 Meters Cloth) Rs.1900/- 1 ID
6 Gas Safetly Device Rs.2300/- 1 ID
*Courier charges applicable